ARP Outreach Service

As a specialist autism provision, Redden Court ARP offers an outreach service. This is for parents, schools, local businesses and members of the public who would like to find out more about autism and how to support autistic people.

Amanda Hind has specialised in teaching autistic children since 2012. She has been delivering training and talks since 2014, for a wide variety of groups across the country. She has two autistic teenagers and is autistic herself. Additionally Amanda is currently studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Conditions. The other members of the ARP team also all have experience in supporting autistic children and young people. They are all passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to help improve the lives of autistic people.


Training workshops for schools and employers

We offer a variety of training workshops primarily aimed at school staff and employers, but are also suitable for parents of autistic children.

These include:

  • developing communication
  • reasonable adjustments
  • understanding autism
  • sensory issues
  • behaviour and meltdowns
  • anxiety
  • autism in women and girls
  • autism in the mainstream classroom
  • transition

These workshops will be offered in the daytime.

Training workshops for the public and parents

We offer a variety of training workshops primarily aimed at parents and the general public, but are also suitable for school staff.

These include:

  • what is autism?
  • autism in women and girls
  • puberty
  • addiction and obsessions
  • online safety
  • school transition
  • living with autism
  • my autism story - Amanda Hind

These workshops will be offered in the evening.

Advice & consultancy

As part of our outreach programme, we also offer an advice and consultancy service. This encompasses a variety of support, including:

  • other schools to visit our ARP, to take part in a learning walk
  • other schools to visit our ARP to see interventions in practice
  • us to visit other schools or workplaces to see the learning / working environment and offer advice and support
  • managing sensory issues
  • autism-friendly working environments
  • reasonable adjustments and how to make them work in practice
  • unstructured times
  • communication and vocabulary
  • managing meltdowns and shutdowns
  • supporting undiagnosed autistics
  • bespoke advice as needed

For more information about the ARP, please see the main ARP page.

For more information on the ARP staff, please see the ARP Team page.