ARP Team

Mr Mark Gilbert: Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion / SENDCo

I started work at Redden Court school in January 2019 as the Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion. Previously I worked at another school in Essex as a SENDCo for 5 years and I have been teaching since 2007. Previous to that I worked in museums in London such as HMS Belfast. I have achieved in my time as a SENDCo a MA in Inclusion as well as a MA in Education and Leadership. I have a real passion for putting in place individualised support for students and I am very proud of the excellent level of support we offer here at Redden, as well as the amazing students we work with who surprise me everyday with their approach to life. Outside of school I started life in Bournemouth until I moved to London in 2000 for University where soon after I met my wife and we now have 2 wonderful boys. I thoroughly enjoy my working life at Redden as it is full of surprises and keeps my brain highly active.

Mrs Amanda Hind: Second in Student Development Faculty & ARP Lead Teacher

I have been teaching since 2005 and have taught in five different London boroughs. Since 2012, following my autism diagnosis, I have specialised in teaching autistic children. My teenage daughter and son are also autistic, and my son attended Redden Court until the end of Year 11 in 2019. I loved the school as a parent; and was thrilled when I started at Redden Court School as the ARP Lead Teacher when the ARP opened in September 2017. I also teach Entry Level English to KS4 students who are not quite ready for GCSE English Language yet.

It has been amazing to lead on the ARP’s development, and to see how much difference it makes to the students that need it. I know what it’s like to be autistic, from my own lived experience as both an autistic person and a parent of autistic children, and can therefore empathise with the students and their parents. It can be isolating as the parent of an autistic child and I don’t want our parents to feel like that. I am always available whenever they need me. I truly love my job at Redden Court, and it is a real privilege to be part of such a great team supporting our wonderful students and their families.

I have a Masters in Teaching, and I am currently studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Conditions and a Postgraduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination (SENCo award). In my spare time I like reading, doing puzzles and playing with my dog. I also go with my children to watch my favourite football team play home games.

Mrs Rachael Baker: Lead ARP SDA

I have been working at Redden Court since December 2018. I enjoy coming to work every single day, and I love that every day is different.

As part of my job as Lead ARP SDA, I run the life skills interventions. It’s such a rewarding job to see the students make such progress, and helping to prepare them for the big wide world.

Since the age of 16 years, I’ve been working with SEND students. It’s a passion of mine and I enjoy seeing them thrive. I also have a passion in building confidence and self worth in students who have low self esteem and confidence. I feel that I build great relationships with students and have a good level of respect with them. Some days are challenging but that’s good as we all need challenges in life.

I started life in Swindon, then was a child in care along with my brother; after which I was adopted by my amazing mum Linda. I got married in Cyprus 2016 and I have 2 beautiful girls. I’m living my best life and I feel I have the best job in the world.

Mrs Elina Koloni: ARP Team Speech and Language SDA

I started work at Redden Court School in June 2019, as a Speech and Language SDA.

I am from Greece and I moved to the U.K. a few years ago with my family.

I have a BSc Degree in Speech and Language Therapy and I have worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for 6 years in Greece, with children with Autism and other Developmental Disorders in different settings. I love working as part of a team and I am passionate about giving the best care to children and their families. This is the main reason why I really enjoy my work in Redden.

I am a happy wife and mother of two lovely boys. When I have free time, I like doing arts and crafts with my little boys and I also enjoy cooking and painting.

Miss Karen Nash: ARP Team SDA

I have been working at Redden Court since September 2018 and enjoy working as part of the ARP team. I work with the students with Mindfulness interventions and also Working with Lego interventions as well as supporting students in the classroom.

I find the work really rewarding. It’s such a great feeling to see students gaining confidence in themselves, becoming more sociable and making friends.

I have been working with children and young people with special needs for fifteen years.

I live with my partner and have a grown up son. I enjoy going to the theatre, reading and watching dramas on TV.

Mrs Leanne Pattle: ARP Team SDA

I started at Redden Court School in September 2019. I enjoy sports and liaise with external agencies to access sports activities for children with disabilities. I like to ensure the children are understood and feel proud about their efforts.

I have been working with special educational needs for ten years and have personal experience as a mother with children who display challenging behaviour and socially emotionally struggle, along with professional experience. I was a teacher for a year in an SEN school. I chose to go back to supporting students as I feel I would have more of an impact on the children by helping them with their challenges.

I have been to lots of courses as a parent and teacher to help children overcome their daily life. I like learning by doing, supported by visually seeing activities. I'm a calm person and have a lot of patience. I allow children to get to know me and try and be helpful to anyone who needs it.

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