Head of Years

Mrs V Barclay - Head of Year 7

As Head of Year 7 my role is to support students during this transition period and help them settle in to life at Redden Court. It is an exciting time but can also cause much anxiety for both students and also their families so my job is to put them at ease as much as possible to ensure this smooth transition.

I see this role as celebrating the achievements and also helping overcome barriers they may face throughout school life. It is also to ensure all the needs for each individual student are met.

I have high expectations for this year group and my aim is to help prepare them for their future and to develop the life skills they need. This will enable them to reach their full potential and succeed in the goals they set for themselves.

Mrs N Stiffel - Head of Year 8

As Head of Year 10 I have enjoyed seeing the students through from Year 8. They have grown and matured and I am watching them become the well rounded individuals I aim for them to be.

Year 10 is an important year for my students in terms of starting to fully focus on their GCSE's.

My role as Head of Year in this critical time, is to ensure students stay on track and achieve their goals and reach their potential, while supporting them emotionally.

I am looking forward to working with Year 10 this year.

Miss D McAllister - Head of Year 9

It is my pleasure to be able to follow this year group up to Year 9, I will continue to help all students develop and also celebrate achievements with them whilst supporting them through any obstacles they may face along the way.

I will be there to support them as they decide which GCSE’s they will be taking and also continue to monitor their attendance, behaviour and attainment in all subject areas. My aim is to help prepare these students for their futures, I have high expectations for this year group and look forward to watching them all achieve success during this year.

I am really looking forward to working with this year group again.

Mrs D Bennett - Head of Year 10

It is a pleasure to continue following students into Year 10. I have been their Head of Year since Year 8 and it has been pleasing to see them grow with maturity and resilience.

Year 10 is a pivotal point in a student’s education, as they start to prepare and focus on their GCSE’s. I will continue to support students, to ensure high expectations are maintained and encourage students to reach their full potential.

I look forward to another year celebrating achievements and preparing students for Year 11.

Mr M Hoque - Head of Year 11 and Director of Pastoral

It is a pleasure being the Head of Year 11 at Redden Court School. I have been fortunate enough to see our students complete their GCSEs for a number of years now and seeing them achieve their goals is a great sense of pride for me.

Year 11 is a critical year for our students as they set the foundation for their futures. My aim is to ensure that they all reach their potential and that they have the same high ambitions that I have for them. Every staff member is committed in helping our students succeed and this can be seen by the high number of enhancements sessions we hold and the endless interventions that take place.

I endeavour to support our students and ensure that they have all the tools and skills needed to help them reach their potential and personal goals. In addition to this we will make sure that our Year 11s receive the necessary career support and guidance when thinking about post 16 options.