Mission Statement, Vision and Values

Mission Statement and Motto

The Redden Court School motto "Committed to Success for All" embodies what our school believes in and represents our common goal. We aim to incorporate this vision into everyday school life and ensure that all students have the best opportunities made available to them. Success can and will be found in different goals for a vibrant and varied student body and we value all of our students as individuals with unique talents and interests. We support our students to always be the best that they can be.

School Vision

Our aim is to provide students with an excellent education filled with engaging experiences that develop life skills and provide endless opportunities to pursue a bright, prosperous and happy future. We are committed to the success of all our students and we appreciate that this will look different for each individual. Our vision is for every student to leave Redden Court School empowered with the credentials and character to become valued and active members of society.

We shall achieve this through:

- Consistency and quality of high level teaching and learning

- Promotion of leadership at all levels

- Investment in wellbeing for all staff and students

- High quality CPD opportunities for staff

- Providing fun and meaningful experiences beyond the classroom and an awareness of the world

- Investment in a positive learning environment which is safe, secure, calm and caring

- Celebrating diversity and inclusion of all

*Recovery from the global pandemic remains a priority as we strive for a sense of normalcy for students and the wider school community.

Student Values

At Redden Court, our Mission Statement has been formulated as a result of the collective input of all stakeholders in our community, parents/carers, staff, governors and particularly our students. We have chosen to express our mission through our ASPIRE logo:

We believe that all members of our community should be aspirational, supportive of each other, persistent, innovative, reflective and willing to engage at all times.

Our aspirational values will ensure that everyone in our community is committed to success for all.

*Achieve and Accomplish - To gain the knowledge and skills necessary for our present and future wellbeing.

*Share and Support - To develop those around us by our thoughts, words and actions, and through guidance, compassion and understanding.

*Pursue and Persist - To set ourselves challenging tasks and not be deflected by, but instead learn from the difficulties that will come our way.

*Innovate and Inspire - To value creativity and seek wonder and awe in all that we do.

*Reflect and Refine - To recognise our potential to improve and sharpen our practice accordingly.

*Engage and Excel - To embrace the job in hand so as to exceed our own and others' expectations.

Staff Values

Our values help guide our thinking and our behaviour. At Redden Court our staff values are closely aligned to our student values, ASPIRE. Every individual is valued for what they contribute to our community.

* Ambitious - To be passionate in our desire and determination to achieve success and exceed our potential.

* Supportive - To provide encouragement, academic and emotional support where it is needed.

* Professional - To recognise ourselves as role models and demonstrate positive examples to students and each other at all times.

* Innovative - To be creative and open to change and new ideas.

* Respectful - To treat others with dignity and respect; to celebrate and welcome diversity.

* Equality - To promote and ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.

Collectively these values will help to raise standards, develop positive behaviours and develop individuals. We recognise that through these values our staff work towards a common goal that supports the vision for our school.