Google Chromebooks

We are delighted to inform you that we will be running the Chromebook 1:1 buying scheme again after the success of the project in recent years. This section will provide you with the information you require about how we use the G-Suite and Chromebooks at Redden Court School and why we believe they are the right devices to enhance your child’s learning inside and outside of school.

We are proud to be selected as one of the international Google Reference schools. This is a reflection of our success with the use of Chromebooks and G-Suite for Education to provide engaging tools for our students that allow them to extend their learning.

Year 7 Letter

Chromebooks Y7 2019-20 Letter.pdf

Information Pack

Chromebooks 1:1 2018-19 Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to buy a Chromebook?

No. We just recommend that if you are interested in buying a device for your child’s education that they can use inside and outside of school, then we suggest the Chromebooks because of the information found on these pages.

How much does the Chromebook cost if I buy one through the school?

The total price of the Chromebook and license is £200. The education license included is required to gain access to our Wi-Fi and approved applications on the device. You will need to pay through Parentpay.

Is there a payment plan available?

We are happy to offer the following payment plan to support you:

  • £25 monthly payments minimum. More can be paid to complete the purchase earlier

(to be paid by the end of each calendar month)

  • Full payment of £200 must still be completed by 31st January 2020

(e.g. 8 x £25 - June,July,August,September,October,November,December,January)

Who owns the Chromebook?

The Chromebook will belong to Redden Court School until the full payment is received. The device will be treated as a loan until that point.

When can the device be collected?

The device can be collected when 50% minimum has been paid (£100) depending on stock availability. If the full payment of £200 is not completed by 31st January 2020, Redden Court reserves the right for the device to be returned or accounts will become disabled.

They will be handed out as soon as possible next half term once they are in stock and have been set up by our team. We will make you aware of a launch date as soon as we know. Parents/Carers must collect the device. You will also receive more information on how to use them effectively.

What happens if my Chromebook gets damaged?

If you buy the chromebook from us it comes with a 3 year manufacturing warranty but only 1 year on the battery. Most damages can be repaired by technicians at the school and you will be charged for any replacement parts. The labour will be free of charge.

If you choose to buy a Chromebook elsewhere or you already have one, then the school is unable to offer any support as we work solely with devices from our suppliers.

My child has already purchased a Chromebook. Can they bring this in?

Yes but not until we agree this with them. Do not bring them in during including induction days. We will announce a date that students can bring their own Chromebook in if they have already purchased one. You will need to pay for the £20 management license on Parentpay before they can be used in school though. Please notify us and we can get this prepared for you.

If you have not already bought a device we recommend that you buy our device instead as we have worked hard for a good deal and longevity of usage.

My child already has a different device. Can they bring that in instead?

No. These may not be fully compatible with the Google Apps and add-ons that we will be using for teaching and learning. Also, the battery may not last on a single charge, the device may not boot-up within 8 seconds, and the device will not be managed by the school. Technicians and teachers cannot afford to waste valuable time on lots of different, individual devices. Please refer to our E-Safety policy and acceptable use agreements on our website for more information.

Does my child need their Chromebook for every lesson?

No. Teachers should give advance notice to the class of when a Chromebook lesson will be taking place and they will allow those students who have their own to bring their one in. Staff will try to book out one of our Chromebook trolleys but they are a popular resource so access is not guaranteed. However, no child will be at a disadvantage for not having access to a Chromebook and other resources or strategies will be applied to ensure that this is the case.

Will my child’s work be backed up?

Yes. The Chromebook is always backed up, our students have unlimited storage space in the Google Cloud. This is already set up and associated with their Redden Court School email address.

Will my child need their own Google account. If so, how will they be able to install apps?

Your child’s Redden Court School email account is in fact a Google account and will be used when they are in school. The school will use management software to enable us to distribute apps to any Chromebook registered with it and effectively will ‘gift’ the app to the device. Only apps appropriate for teaching and learning will be distributed.

I’m concerned about my child’s data being stored with Google

​The ​data is the property of Redden Court School​ – G-Suite for Education customers own their own data, not Google. Google offers customers a detailed data processing amendment that describes our commitment to protecting your data:

As a school we are following DfE and ICO advise in this area and are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act:

Google do store and log information but this data is encrypted in transmission and at rest, at the same time Google have a contract that says they do not share the data.

This contract is more rigorous than most educational contracts and has a section on privacy