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School Production

This year's school production is Mary Poppins Jr. 69 students originally auditioned for the production and only 34 students went on to the next round of auditions. The recall auditions were held on Wednesday 19th September, where students were asked to sing and act in front of a panel of judges made up of the Performing Arts staff. A huge congratulations to the following students for getting a place in this year’s company:

Mary Poppins - Daisy Mae Martin

Bert - Devon Adams

Mr George Banks - Joe Roast

Mrs Winifred Banks - Gracie Weatherley

Jane Banks - Maddie Bates

Michael Banks - Charlie Hunt

Mrs Brill - Keitan Adediji

Robertson Ay - Alfie Sellers

Katie Nanna - Darcie O’Connor

Neleus - Abi Rawson

Bird Woman - Dew Navin

Miss Smythe - Charis Gee

Chairman - Amelie Gadsden

Von Hussler - Emily Edmonds

John Northbrook - Trott Emily

Mrs Corry - Maisey Smith

Miss Andrew - Isabelle Rice

Ensemble: Katie Smith, Ruby GIgg, Isla Morris, Gabi Nari and Paige Walby.

Dance Ensemble: (Statues, Customers, Kite Flyers, Chimney Sweep)

Larrissa Murphy, Georgia Bates, Stephanie Blake, Thea Coatman, Jessica Palmer, Callie Bouill and Freya Cowan.

Rehearsals are now fully underway, running every Monday and Wednesday after school. All the information about timings can be found on the production board outside the Performing Arts studio. Further details about the production will be announced soon.