House Competition

The house system is a long standing tradition that creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. Every student and staff member at Redden Court School is assigned a house.

The house system itself has blossomed since September 2018. This has been highlighted in a number of different ways.

Firstly, there have been a greater number of house competitions available to students. All subject areas offer students the opportunity to compete in a house competition within their subject to gain house points not only for their respected houses but also for them as an individual. The house boards outside the Old Hall allow students to monitor the success of their houses throughout the year and create an opportunity for healthy, fun competition. The television screens around the school promote the upcoming house competitions as well as informing students about the success of the houses in other house competitions.

There are many different ways for a Redden Court student to achieve house points, not only within the classroom but also from their commitment to school life. Within the students planners, there are pages dedicated to collecting house points, therefore it is easy to see the progress every student is making in terms of how many house points have been collected. This information is also collated online, allowing form tutors to update their student’s progress regularly.

At every milestone there is the opportunity to earn a house point badge, these are listed below:

450 – Platinum

300 – Gold

200 – Silver

150 – Bronze

When these milestones are achieved by the students they will be presented their badge by a member of SLT, in assembly, to promote this excellent achievement.

The increased amount of competitions and the new house point system have provided more opportunities for success and rewards, with more students being praised for their efforts by their teachers.

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