Examples of assessment resources:

Thinking Hats Evaluation Sheets.docx

DeBono's Thinking Hats - job role cards that can be adapted for any lesson:

Thinking Hats card questions - with headings.docx

Example resource used in Art:

MARK SHEET - Van Gogh.doc

MALS ('Myself as a Learner' Survey)

Our students have completed Rob Burden’s ‘Myself as a Learner’ survey (MALS). This survey is made up of questions whereby students must respond by choosing the statement that best describes them as a learner.

We are using these to identify strengths and weaknesses and create meaningful action points for our students’ future learning.

This powerful data – which we are happy to explain to parents/carers and other stakeholders by appointment – has told us a great deal about our students and how effective our approaches to learning have been and especially our adoption and application of cognitive approaches have been.

For example we have been right to pursue an approach which has embedded assessment for learning and we will continue to develop new ideas that help our students to prepare well for tests and end of year exams. The majority of students felt that they were good at discussing things and this, of course, means that they are good at reflecting on learning. This is having a positive impact on our students and helping them to become more resilient and reflective learners

Our approaches are also ensuring that students are learning to control anxieties about learning and the surveys state quite clearly that they understand how to be good learners who like using their brains!

We will continue to encourage learners to challenge themselves and seek challenge independently and we will continue to focus on developing learners’ confidence and raise aspirations. These ideas will be encouraged and embraced through various whole school initiatives.

At Redden Court School, we are not afraid of the Learning Pit

This poster has been used in lessons to demonstrate to students that it is okay to not understand something and there are ways of climbing your way out of the pit if you are stuck.

Are you in the Pit.docx