Evaluation of Programmes

Brain Tech Evaluation Process

Evaluation process based on the responses from two Brain Tech classes following the first rotation.

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The Student Voice survey involved all 14 students who are part of the Student Voice Team:

Student Voice Survey Results

Year 7 evaluation process to move us forward:

When completing the 'Take 7' sheets, students were required to note down seven key ideas or strategies that they felt would benefit them in the future or in other lessons. Responses included:

  • to be confident
  • to be creative with your ideas
  • try your hardest to reach the top of the learning pit
  • challenge yourself
  • be your own you
  • have a growth mindset
  • try your best and you will improve
  • everybody has strong points and weaker ones
  • being able to work as a team
  • revision
  • problem solving
  • different learning styles
  • smarts
  • how to be SMART
  • different intelligences
  • thinking hats
  • confidence to speak to my class and present
  • learn about other people's feelings
  • find out my strengths and weaknesses
  • memorise information
  • how to think from many different viewpoints
  • identifying different smarts
  • I found out what I am good at
  • different sides of the brain
  • the learning pit
  • problems and emotions
  • debates
  • never give up

Research project delivered by the Thinking Schools Co-ordinator to focus on the impact of Brain Tech:

BRAIN TECH - A study.pptx