Evidence of Student Work

Problem Solving Games

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Impact of Brain Tech

Key Data Findings

SCHOOL YEAR 2016-2017

  • Progress data showed that students who were completing the Brain Tech Curriculum were progressing at a faster rate. Attainment levels were also commensurately higher.
  • Statistics show that there was a positive impact on progress and attainment.
  • This suggests that Brain Tech may have been a contributing factor towards progress and attainment levels at the school
  • The gap between those students who often make less progress compared to other groups of students was less if they had completed the Brain Tech Curriculum
  • Rise in GCSE attainment which correlates directly with the full introduction of Thinking Schools ideas and strategies
  • There are very positive indicators that all cohorts of prior attainment students are making good or outstanding progress in key areas of the curriculum now that thinking schools ideas and strategies are being utilised fully in lessons
  • These formal results as a whole also indicate that the skill students are acquiring individually skills and knowledge that allow them to take responsibility for maximising their learning. This is mainly through the identification of the best techniques for them to use to learn well. These techniques must be helping students to work effectively and independently, especially with revision

SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018

  • Once again data showed that the Brain Tech Curriculum could be a contributing factor to higher attainment levels. This data also took into consideration the prior attainment levels at KS2
  • We saw a rise in GCSE results in 2016. These students would have seen the development of our Thinking Schools work around the school - for example, a focus on growth mindset and displays embracing the Thinking Schools ethos. All groups of students who left in 2017 had P8 scores higher than the National Average
  • These formal results as a whole also indicate that the skills students are acquiring allow them to take responsibility for maximising their learning potential. This is also echoed in terms of attainment (A8) too.


We believe that students are becoming more self-aware and knowledgeable about their learning. This makes them more proactive which increases achievement and self-worth. When students are confident they want to be challenged and show what they can do so coming to school gives them the opportunity to experience that. Our data shows that students who have completed the developed Brain Tech Curriculum had a better attendance status, once again indicating that our introduction to thinking skills could be a contributing factor to the positive attendance data.

Since Brain Tech has been a part of the curriculum and ethos of the school we have won SSAT awards for being in the top 20% of schools nationally for Progress and for Attainment.