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As part of a our uniform providers rebrand, from Monday 25th March 2024, Redden Court Schools uniform will be available from Users who continue to use the Premier Schoolwear website will automatically be redirected to the Khalsa website. Likewise they have created the below email address to replace the Premier Schoolwear email.  Any emails sent to Premier emails will automatically be forwarded onto the correct Khalsa email address.

General customer queries, online queries and school order queries: 

“Pupils flourish here. They work hard in class and take their education seriously” 

“The provision for pupils’ wider development is exceptionally well thought through”  

“Leaders have high expectations of all pupils’ achievement” 

“The behaviour of pupils is exemplary”  

The Redden Court School motto "Committed to Success for All" embodies what our school believes in and represents our common goal.  We aim to incorporate this vision into everyday school life and ensure that all students have the best opportunities made available to them. 

We are dedicated to building and embracing a diverse, inclusive and equitable school environment.  This ensures that everyone is welcome, included and given the opportunity to take part.  We recognise and celebrate the range of diverse qualities that we all bring.

Success can and will be found in different goals for a vibrant and varied student body and we value all members of our school community as individuals with unique identities, talents, interests and experiences. We support our whole community to always be the best that they can be.


Welcome to Redden Court School

Redden Court is a successful, high performing, well-ordered and caring mixed comprehensive school for students aged eleven to sixteen.  We are incredibly proud of our school, our students and the community in which we serve.  At Redden Court we are 'Committed to Success for All' and recognise our role in unlocking the potential of our students.  We are proud of the contribution we make to both regional and national networks.  We draw on our networks to provide an outstanding education to our community.  The school was recently inspected in October 2022 when it was acknowledged that:

 “Pupils flourish here. They work hard in class and take their education seriously”

“The provision for pupils’ wider development is exceptionally well thought through” 

  “Leaders have high expectations of all pupils’ achievement”

  “The behaviour of pupils is exemplary”  

We have a talented, well qualified and committed team who support our families to achieve.  We invest in our staff to be the best they can be and we are committed to always improving.

At Redden Court we take the time to build the relationships between the family and school since we believe that partnership with parents/carers is vital to every child’s future success.  We have a progressive approach to developing and delivering a curriculum which meets the needs of our students; providing extra challenge for our learners and offering support where it is required. Our ASPIRE values promote positive behaviours and fosters an environment where diversity is celebrated and respected. We strongly believe in providing an education which develops character and opportunities for personal growth and is embedded in all that we do.  It is our commitment to the promotion of personal development of our students that we believe is so very unique to our school. 

At Redden Court School, in partnership with parents/carers, we play a vital role in developing the character of our students which will help them negotiate the challenges of a complex world.  Our aim is to provide an excellent, well-rounded education which celebrates academic, emotional and spiritual achievement through experiences and opportunities in and beyond the classroom.  There are a number of leadership roles that our students can engage in which range from Form Representatives to School President. Our Personal Development curriculum is designed to equip students with insight, skills, knowledge and the understanding they need to lead healthy, happy lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens. 

As a learning community, we are committed to the success of all our learners and pride ourselves on being an inclusive school which is fit for the 21st Century. 

Mr A Henry, Headteacher


The history and design of our school badge invites you to learn more about our school.  It is both distinctive and attractive and was most recently updated in December 2022.  Its evolution over the years, since its birth can be seen in the images below. 

The three notched Saxon (seaxes) on the top right hand corner are symbolic of the county of Essex flag.  The rivers shown on the top left capture the schools proximity to the River Ingrebourne which flows in and around Havering, past and through Harold Wood and Harold Park.  The tree, centre bottom is believed to depict the Harold Wood and Pages Wood region which are so important to the area.  The most  recent additions include the crown, which represents the prestigious visit of the late Queen Elizabeth II to the school in 2003.  Below the badge, our banner now features our motto 'Committed to Success for All' which also captures the ethos of our school.  The year the school first opened, 1934, is embedded in one of the 3 seaxes and the additions of the reed's, represent William the Fleming's holdings, Redene 'Reed Valley' on the site in 1212.

The school enjoys a rich history and is looking forward to its 90th Anniversary celebrations in 2024.  We are delighted to share a little bit of this history through the narration of our badge and are proud to be a forward thinking community which provides an excellent education to our students.




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