Student Leadership

Junior Leadership Team

To help give weight to Student Voice at Redden Court it was necessary to have a structure in place which best resembled the Senior Leadership Team (SLT); therefore the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) was created. This consists of six House Captains and various Committee Leaders. The JLT works closely with the Student Voice Coordinator and hold regular meetings. These meetings aim to look at issues relating to the student body and Redden Court as a whole. In addition to this the JLT arrange fundraisers and charity days which take place across the academic year.

Roles of the Junior Leadership team involve:

  • Introduction of charity boxes
  • Organisation of charity events
  • Involvement in the interview process of new staff members
  • Meeting and communicating with governors
  • Offering opinions on teaching and learning strategies

The Food Investigate, Improve, Inform Team (FIIIT)

The Food Investigate, Improve, Inform Team (FIIIT) is a student body with representatives from each year group. They work closely with the canteen staff, Head Teacher and our food provider to ensure students voices are heard and we are following the government's guidelines, The School Food Plan, in order to uphold our Gold Healthy Eating Award status.

The team have achieved many accomplishments since they started including music in the canteen, a nutritional folder for all food sold by the canteen, ongoing reviews and updates of the food offering through to many charity stalls. They are currently working on ideas and sourcing interiors for the additional canopy, fundraising for a new student shelter as well as reviewing the special dietary requirements offering.

Every year during the National Healthy Eating Week they hold an assembly to inform students of the key messages. As it is a student body they are able to talk to peers gathering feedback and passing on the improvements that have been made. They follow our food policy and support the food curriculum studied. Due to their presence we are a leader for new initiatives before other schools in our area.

Anti Bullying

The Anti Bullying Steering Group (ABSG) have been meeting regularly on Mondays giving students the opportunity to drop in and discuss issues with the team. The group have also been busy promoting the new Anti Bullying referral form which has given the students at Redden Court another avenue for reporting bullying. This has seen Year 7's particularly making use of this with a handful of forms coming in to me. Depending on the incident I decide, alongside the Head of Year, whether an adult will solely deal with it or the ABSG can support the child who feels they are being bullied. This has been useful in helping the children establish whether the incidents actually amount to bullying or if they are experiencing some 'one-off' unkind behaviour.

We have attended training from the Diana Award to promote a positive relationship with the internet and how to cope and deal with cyber bullying. The team will be delivering their own sessions to Year 5's in feeder schools, to Year 6's at the Induction Days and also to our own Year 7's in Activities Week.