Senior Leadership

Mr Henry - Headteacher

Mr Henry is the Head Teacher of Redden Court School. He started his career at Redden Court back as a new teacher in July 2005. He held many roles within school before joining the Senior Leadership in 2014. Mr Henry is passionate about the impact of education on the lives of young people and shaping positive attitudes towards learning.

Mrs Thompson - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Thompson has worked at Redden Court for a number of years and is the Deputy Head. She has had roles of responsibility in both the academic and pastoral areas of student development and is currently leading Student Achievement.

Mr Carrington - Deputy Headteacher

Mr Carrington joined Redden Court in 2011 and leads Teaching and Learning. He became a member of the Senior Leadership Team in 2014 after holding a variety of roles within the school and is also responsible for our data, assessments and systems, working closely with all middle leaders to develop good practice. He also leads whole school technology and is passionate about using innovative tools and strategies to help prepare students for a bright and prosperous future in education, careers and life.

Mr Ward - Deputy Headteacher

Mr Ward joined Redden Court in January 2018 having previously worked in two other local authorities within inner London. He is currently responsible for the Pastoral system within the school, including safeguarding and KS2 to KS3 transition, and is passionate about creating an environment in which students can progress and develop with confidence.

Miss Greaves - Assistant Headteacher

Miss Greaves joined Redden Court in 2001 as Head of Geography and became an Assistant Headteacher in 2009. Her roles of responsibility include the Timetable, CPD, Appraisal, Options and Initial Teacher Training. She is passionate about ensuring students receive the best possible education from a highly trained workforce.

Mrs Tyldesley - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Tyldesley's priority is to raise the achievement of those students who require additional support to access their learning. Her most recent experience is from working in a large ARP in a neighbouring local authority for students with learning disabilities and autism. Mrs Tyldesley is passionate about maintaining high expectations for children with SEND and ensuring they can achieve grades that enable them to pursue their interests at the next stage in their education.

Mr Hoque - Director of Pastoral

Mr Hoque has worked in education for over 14 years. He initially joined Redden Court in September 2012 as a Pastoral Manager and is now responsible for Year 11, Alternative Provision and the student voice around the school. He is passionate about ensuring that the student is the focus of any decision made whilst ensuring that they are challenged when working towards their goals. He also works closely with the school’s Careers Leader to ensure students in all year groups are given guidance on the next steps in their education and future careers.

Mr Pendred - Director of Technology

Mr Pendred joined Redden Court in 2011 and became Head of the Technology Faculty in 2014. He has always had a strong passion for Technology and using it to enhance the teaching practice. In May 2021, Mr Pendred became Director of Technology for the school which entails leading the DfE Edtech Demonstrator project and continuing to embed effective use of technology within the school, as well as overseeing some of the systems used at Redden Court School to enhance T&L, communication, engagement and progress.