As a Faculty we are all passionate about Mathematics and aim to inspire, engage and challenge students during their learning at Redden Court regardless of ability. Throughout our teaching and marking we aim to make the curriculum relevant to the real world so that this gives purpose and reason to concepts being studied. Schemes of work have been developed to make links with career and other subjects in all key stages. Opportunities are provided for students to participate in Maths competitions and other enrichment activities. In recent years we have had a large increase in the number of students who go on and study Mathematics at a higher level and hope that this will continue to rise.

At Key Stage 3, our aim is to encourage, motivate and stimulate all students to reach their full potential as active, independent learners who can take responsibility for their own learning and progress.

GCSE Mathematics is a compulsory subject which will be studied for 3 hours in KS3 (Years ⅞) and 4 hours a week during KS4 (Years 9-11).

Key Stage Four

Mathematics is an exciting new course which holds an emphasis on real life functional tasks and problem solving. Students will learn a range of concepts and get the opportunity to practice transferring these to solve real life problems. The new GCSE Mathematics content has been divided into six main domains:



-Ratio, proportion and rates of change

-Geometry and measure

-Probability and sets


Examination Structure:

We follow the Edexcel 1MA1 course and the examination consists of 3 papers of equal weighting which are completed in the summer of year 11. The first non calculator and the second two both calculator exams. We recommend purchasing the Casio fx-85GT Plus.

Students are assessed each half term so that we can monitor every child’s progress. Interventions are put in place throughout the year to support and further challenge students so that we are confident they will attain the best results possible when they sit their final GCSE.

Students are set in all years and there are at 8 sets in each year group.

Learning Outside of the Classroom

  • Encourage your child to be persistent in Maths and approach lessons with a positive mindset. We have an open door policy so are delighted to support students not only in lessons but at break, lunch, after school or via email.

  • Show an interest in what they are learning by looking at their classwork/exercise book.

  • Ensure students take pride in their classwork and home learning and meet deadlines set. These will be shared with parents on Show my homework.

  • Ensure students come to school equipped for lessons including a scientific calculator.

  • Support the faculty by attending parent consultation evenings.

  • Ensure students are working independently doing maths at home in addition to home learning set.

  • Encourage students to start thinking about what they will do when they leave RCS at the end of Year 11. We have found that students who have direction and are aware of the entry requirements for the institutions they want to attend, helps motivate and encourage them to stay focused in Year 10 and 11.

Meet the Department

Head of Faculty

Mr G. King

2nd in Faculty and Achievement Co-ordinator

Mr S. Carter

Teacher of Maths and Numeracy Co-ordinator

Mrs I. Saro-Bego

Teachers of Maths

Mr M. Cosgrove

Mrs A. Woozeerally

Mrs K. Scott

Mrs E. Snyders

Mr J. Parkin