The Technology Faculty at Redden Court School is a forward thinking faculty with a successful track record of academic achievement. The subjects making up the Technology Faculty include Design & Technology, Food Preparation & Nutrition and Textiles. Our teachers have a wealth of experience and are committed to achieving success.

We now have two brand new state of the art rooms in the Technology Faculty. The first is a new D&T workshop equipped with CAD/CAM and CNC machinery as well as new workbenches and newly stocked tools and equipment. The second new room is a second Food room which has a clean and modern design and brand new appliances. Both rooms are fully specced for modern teaching with interactive smart screens and adjustable height benches.

Key Stage Three

KS3 Technology

In Technology students follow a carousel so that they may experience all of the Technology subjects including Textiles, Food Technology and Design & Technology. In each subject students will make a variety of products and dishes teaching new skills and allowing them to experiment with a wide range of tools and materials. Students will learn about Health & Safety and how they can apply their newly learned skills in the wider world.

Key Stage Four

Design & Technology

The new GCSE places greater emphasis on understanding and applying iterative design processes. Students will use their creativity and imagination to design and make prototypes that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

Design & Technology is a popular course at Redden Court School where students learn about design strategies, materials and manufacturing techniques. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in practical projects using a range of techniques including CAD/CAM and manual manufacturing methods.

Food Preparation & Nutrition

The brand new Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE course encourages the investigation and study of cooking and nutrition in a variety of contexts. Students will demonstrate their practical capability by combining knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook. They will also study the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating. The course provides opportunities for students to develop many transferable skills. The course will help students with the vital life skills and allow them to make informed decisions to enable them to affordably and nutritiously feed themselves and others. Career options afterwards are much more varied from chef to nutritionist.

Textiles Design

Textiles is an exciting and innovative area specialising in Textiles Design. Students will need to identify and solve problems by demonstrating their creativity by designing and making products for a variety of contexts and briefs. They will be able to focus their interest within their work in areas such as fashion, interiors or theatrical. The course combines theory and practical, with students learning and developing techniques, analysing and being inspired by designers while working on projects to build up a portfolio of work.

Students may wish to continue their interest onto further and higher education or apprenticeship schemes to enable them to work into a huge range of industries in careers such as Fashion Designers, Textiles designer, Fashion Buyers, Garment Technologist, Interior Designers, Tailors, Pattern Cutters, illustrators, Costumiers or Visual merchandisers.

Meet the Department

Director of Technology and Head of Faculty

Mr D. Pendred

Subject Leader for Food

Mrs G. Graves

Subject Leader for Textiles

Miss C. Pumares

Teachers of Technology

Ms F. Carson

Ms N. Wright

DT Technicians

Ms S. Adams

Mr B. Rumsey

Ms K. Yems