School Uniform

We want students to look smart in their school uniform at all times. Appearance is important, both in school and travelling to and from school. We feel it is important that students have pride in their school and to respect its uniform by wearing it neatly. The school has a duty of care to all students and reserves the right to implement sanctions where the school uniform or any other school policy is not being adhered to, especially where safeguarding is being compromised.

  • Blazer - Navy blue blazer with school badge embroidered onto the pocket, available from Premier Schoolwear.

  • Trousers - Plain, black formal style trousers. Belt, if worn, must be plain black with no decorative buckle.

  • Skirt - Non branded, stitchdown box pleated, mid-grey, knee length skirts.

  • Shirt (Boys) - Conventional, plain, white collared shirt which is worn tucked into trousers. Vests worn underneath must be plain white and not visible.

  • Blouse (Girls) - Mid blue and white check open-neck style, as provided by Premier Schoolwear. Vests worn underneath must be plain white and not visible.

  • Tie (Boys) - Clip on school tie, available from Student Services and Premier Schoolwear.

  • Shoes - Plain black leather shoes with no decoration. Black laces only. No trainers, plimsolls or canvas type shoes.

  • Jumper - (if required) Navy blue with school logo, available from Premier Schoolwear.

  • Socks - Plain black socks for both boys and girls. The preference is for girls to wear black ankle socks; however calf length black socks can also be worn. Under no circumstances can girls wear socks that can be pulled above the knee.

  • Tights - Plain black tights. No leggings or socks worn over tights.

  • Overcoats - Students may wear a suitable, plain dark coat of choice, but they must not be worn instead of the blazer. The coat must be without logos or a heavy pattern. Coats are not to be worn inside the building and students are expected to take them off without being asked when entering. Overgarments such jumpers/sweatshirts/hoodies may not be worn.

  • Hair - Any hair style should be of a ‘natural’ colour and should be without words, patterns or emblems. Long hair should always be kept neat, tidy and appropriately restrained for sports activities and activities alike. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their hair is clean and kept in a presentable style as per the policy. Any facial hair should be kept tidy and well maintained. Accessories should be small and either blue or black. Any exceptions to the policy or artificial modifications will need to be pre agreed with the Headteacher.

  • Hats - Outside use only and must be plain blue or black. No caps.

  • Cosmetics - Make up, including fake tan, is not permitted. For obvious safety reasons, false nails are not appropriate in school. Nail varnish, French manicure or nail decoration of any kind is not allowed. False eyelashes are not permitted and eyebrows should be kept natural.

  • Jewellery - (if required) Wrist watch. One small, circular silver or gold single stud earring may be worn in lower lobes and these will need to be removed for PE lessons.

  • It is a requirement for Years 7, 8 and 9 to bring their own apron to Food lessons. These can be any colour or print – but nothing offensive!

PE uniform list Sep 2021

These guidelines attempt to create a uniform and appearance which is appropriate to school wear. Appropriateness can be disputed but, in an attempt to ensure consistency, the School’s Senior Leadership, in consultation with thePastoral team, respectfully reserve the right to determine what is appropriate and what is not.

We cannot allow slogans, patterns or words to appear in any school uniform or personal appearance. Similarly, body piercing, facial jewellery or tattoos should not be worn. Parents are advised to consult with the School prior to purchasing any item of uniform or change in personal appearance which could conflict with the Uniform Code.