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Redden Court Sports Academy

‘’Pursue excellence and success will follow”

At Redden Court School we are extremely proud to offer a select group of students the opportunity of a place in the REDDEN COURT SPORTS ACADEMY (RCSA)

Students who are successful with gaining a place in the academy will be monitored regularly to ensure they continue to meet the RCSA programme criteria. Each of the areas below will be taken into consideration when reviewing students’ progress.

  • Attendance at extra curricular practices including sports academy training on Wednesday morning (8.20am-9am).

  • Number of fixtures played.

  • Regular participation in at least two school teams or participation in one school sport at a county level or above.

  • Helping the PE department (Refereeing/officiating).

RCSA Training Sessions - Wednesday 8:20am – 9:00am

Fitness & speed training, strength and conditioning for all sports, games for understanding, sport specific fitness & skill development.

4 PE lessons x 2 RCSA morning training sessions x extra curricular clubs each fortnight

Covering the following: Football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Gymnastics, Fitness, Table Tennis, Trampolining, Dance, Athletics, Cricket, Rounders, Volleyball

Extensive extra-curricular programme – before school, lunch and after school.

The above information will be tracked using a RCSA handbook which will be provided for each student. This will allow students to track each session they attend, monitor their fitness and set personal targets to improve their sporting performance.

At Redden Court School, we believe there is a great importance in sports diversification. We want all our students (not only in the sports academy) to experience a number of different sports, including sports that they have never played before. Below you can see the importance of sports diversification and its effect on performance.

There are many trips which the sports academy students and all Redden Court students will have the opportunity to attend.

Parents/carers will always receive an email from ParentPay to let them know when a trip is occurring. Some of these trips are invite only (overseas/elite squad training) and others are selected on a first come, first serve basis.

Here is an example of some of the trips we may run over an academic year:

  • Varsity Day Rugby trip

  • BBL basketball trip

  • World table tennis trip – when in the UK

  • World cycling competition trip – when in the UK

  • England Netball trip

  • Lords cricket trip

  • Romford Raiders trip

  • Football/Netball (overseas) invite only trip

All application forms should be submitted electronically. We will not accept any hard copies. You will receive an automatic reply once you have submitted your application.

Applications will be accepted up until 3pm on Friday 24th September 2021

Practical Selection Day:

Saturday 2nd October 2021